5k and snow!

I woke up this morning to a happy surprise. While I slept, we had our first snow dusting of the year!

Exciting, but not really conducive to a fast 5k, which is where we were heading when we woke up. PW was running his first race of the year, 4 weeks into training (race report should be up here tonight). It was chilly cheering for him so I layered myself up, wearing Brooks gloves and my Uggs (and a Craft shirt undr my coat!)

I drove the course so I could stop and cheer once, then waited for him at the finish. Here he is about 50 yards from the finish…on the way in:

And almost there:

He ended up winning by about 2 seconds. Unfortunately for me, I saw the course. I have to run this 5k NEXT weekend for my first race of the year (we started training at the same but I had a 4 week build ending tomorrow and he had a 3 week build, so this is his recovery week.)

After that very nice showing, he and his father are now working on our dining room again. Woohoo!

Check what came to our door this week, by the way….Christmas in a box!

Got the new Adrenaline 11’s. Not a fan as of yesterday (I wore them on my treadmill run) but cannot give them a fair rating yet because wearing them for the first time, 70 minutes, on a treadmill can give deceiving results. Had some serious ITB knee pain last night, could have been a fluke from this “big week”. Hope they work out for me!

Now I am baking bread (as I promised last night!) and correcting. Pictures and bread recipe to come…


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  1. Hey – I have those same Brooks, although I’m sure mine are a MUCH larger size. I’m also pretty sure that yours run quite a bit faster than mine…even when mine are running at all (which is not the case right now, of course.)

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