My Rule

Let’s start of this blog entry the right way. With another cute puppy picture of Kona.

Couldnt you just eat her up? Hard to believe it was 4 years ago I was working at Fast Splits when we got her. At the old store (ah the good old days!)

Okay, lets get down to business:
Last winter, I didn’t run. Like, at all. I took off post-Ragnar (October) through buying the house and getting settled in it (April). I think I ran about 6 times in the span of those 6 months. And now I remember why. I despise running the cold. Some people are built for it. I am not. My throat hurts, Im miserable, and it takes away the fun for me. Not to say the treadmill is FUN, but at least it gets the job done.

We are in a super-cold spell here in New England. Not normal December weather for us–single digit and teen real-feel temps. So I have turned to the gym, and have done every single run this week on it. Starting with my long run last Sunday of 77 minutes. Since then I have done an hour, 45 minutes, and 70 minutes. Along with 2 weights sessions. I feel like one of the gang (there is a gang there, a group of people that Im pretty sure sleep in the locker room because theyre always there! Maybe they say the same thing about me??)

Yesterday was a bust. I was late leaving for work, so didnt have time for coffee. Then a situation with a kid stressed me out (me being worried, of course). These two things combined to create a SUPER HEADACHE! So I came home and was miserable for 3 hours til it went away, then hit up the gym.

Today was not a bust. In fact it was quite awesome. Work was awesome, I went straight to the gym to run, came home and made dinner (awesome roasted potatoes were included again), cleaned the basement, kitchen, and the office (true story), did 2 loads of laundry, and am now updating my blog. Productive city!

The point of this blog post though was 2 show you all 2 thoughtful gifts I (we) received. The first, from Maryanne. She went to a dinner having no idea who the chef was. When she posted on Facebook that it was Michael Symon I minorly freaked out (hello! Iron Chef! Melting Pot! Kitchen Impossible! I watch too much Food Network). So she brought back this for me:

Awesome, right?

The other, a delayed wedding gift from our friend Karl. He is a crafty, crafty man. He gave us the gift and I was super excited about the wine glasses and bottle of white. 3 days later, PW went to put them away (we are slow around here) and out fell a little black bag. What had we missed? Oh, only this, no big deal:

A wine cork…that HE MADE! Just for us! I cant believe what an incredible gift this is. I cannot wait to use it!

Tomorrow involves about 34 pounds of correcting, watching PW do his first race of the year, a recovery run and bike ride, and some work on the dining room!!

(PS tomorrow may or may not also involve some bread making. I bought some yeast yesterday because I had the urge to make it by hand. Cross your fingers I didnt kill the yeast by letting it get too warm!!! Will let y’all know how it went down….tomorrow)


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