Snow, snow, snow!

Alright already with this cold! It’s too early to deal with these temperatures and not at least get some snow to make it easier to swallow!

I am, in fact, a baby when it comes to running in the cold. Saturday it was 35 and I was FREEZING it my craft shirt, jacket, tights, gloves, and hat. I wanted a balaclava. So Sunday, when said 27 feels like 16, for my 77 minute long run I said NO WAY! Without really thinking of the alternative, which was…dun dun dun…the gym.

I love our gym, I really do, but I love the East Bridgewater YMCA more because the treadmills are closer to the TV. Anyway, so I drive to the gym at 4:45pm, figuring not many people will be there due to it being dinner time. And the comedy of errors begins here.

So, my run is 77 minutes. I hop on a treadmill, turn on my garmin, and start the ole ‘mill. And then my Garmin beeps “low battery” at me. Darn it!!! It was full battery during my run yesterday! I must have left it on. So, I mess around with the treadmill finding the speed that will put me in the middle of Zone 1. And the Garmin dies.

Run, run, run. I get to 29 minutes and WOMP! The treadmill suddenly switches to a speed of 4.5 miles per hour. I almost fall off. I say some seriously bad things about the machine, stop and figure out and turn it back on.

Run, run, run. The iPod cord from the treadmill touches my iPhone which then SHOCKS MY EARS! Like, static shock on the inside of my ears. Learn my lesson and throw it off the holder.

Run, run, run. WOMP! Darn it I am at 30 minutes again. 4.5 miles per hour again. This has never happened to me before, why wont it just let me run?!?!? Start it up again.

And finish my last 17 minutes with nothing more than some serious math figuring out how long I had actually been running. Anyway, got it done, thankfully. And now it is a new week of 27 miles.

I wanted dinner tonight to be easy and WARM. So I went with the obvious: my favorite veggies burger, roasted potatoes, and PEAS! (My two favorite vegetables!!!)

(Helpful hint: throw the veggie burger in the toaster for a couple of rounds–so yum!)

Now we are off to the gym. This heavy lifting stuff is working, I am feeling buff! No, not really. However I am noticing an increase in strength. Which hopefully will mean a decrease in injury!


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