Out of Commission

As my sister-in-law so kindly pointed out to me today–I am way behind on the blogging (hi Dawn!!). I am, I know. I have been having a tough go of it this week. On Monday, I got sick. Hacking, sniffling, and sounding like I was smoking a pack a day (which was an awesome quality to have during parent teacher conferences, by the way). It has been slowly fading away, and thankfully I havent had to miss any runs. I am, however, tired! my body must be making a lot of white blood cells! So, between the illness and an activity I was planning at work, I didnt have much time for cooking!

I did have time to eat these apple banana muffins that Dawn made though:

And I did have time to buy these great boots:

And tonight I had time to make a low-carb pizza:

It was crispy on the bottom and perfect. I was craving pizza, and escaped with the above: minimal damage! Low-carb, low-cal, paired with a salad I am totally satisfied!

I also had time to find Kona’s puppy pictures. I wanted to get them off of Shutterfly and put them in iPhoto for safe-keeping. Check out PW’s first picture with our first dog–this is October 2006! Look how young they both are!

As for running–I am at Week 3. 27 miles this week, a 77 minute long-run, and another entire week before a recovery week! Totally going to own that! It has been getting pretty chilly here–like, high of 32 chilly. I did my 55 minute run at the gym yesterday because I wasn’t digging the rain. Not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact I kind of enjoyed the music and tv keeping me occupied!

A couple of holiday parties to look forward to this weekend, along with that cold long run!!! Now that I am back on the healthier side I will be updating again, and HOPEFULLY cooking my special (incredibly healthy and veggie hidden) pizza sauce, so check back!


2 responses

  1. You two are still both SO YOUNG, but yes, PW does look very very young in that pic! And Kona is the size of his palm! So cute!
    Not surprised at ESTJ. definitely a math teacher type! hehe! Also a person who enjoys cooking… that is the S, I think.
    I loveeeeeeeee running in the cold. It totally beats the heat.

  2. Thanks for the update 🙂 super cute boots!!!!! I can’t believe how young Kona and Patrick look in that photo!! and I can’t beleive she has been part of your family for 4 years!!!

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