Thanksgiving…and stuff

Been some cold running as of late! Yesterday’s pre-dinner run was so cold running into the headwind I almost turned around and came home! The only other thing to report is that my pace is holding pretty consistent. Which I am totally okay with it, because there is something pretty freeing (and awesome) about running and not caring AT ALL about pace! I guess thats the good thing about running in November?

And then Thanksgiving happened. It is probably my favorite holiday. My parents are in Florida for the winter so we celebrated with PW’s family. We drove far and wide to the southeastern coast of Massachusetts for some dinner with his fam. It was, of course, delicious. I was embarassing PW so I could only manage a few pictures…

Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, green bean casserole (my favorite side!), squash, and a wheat roll. Perfection. I went back for a little more potatoes and turkey but couldnt fit much more in!

After sitting for a while I was definitely ready for dessert though. PW’s grandmother makes this unbelievable fudge for Christmas and THanksgiving. I talk about it all year. It is PERFECT FUDGE!! It always comes in this blue tin, and I cant get enough!

I think I ate about 5 pieces of it…

And that was before this happened:

If you know me, you know I can put away a lot of food in dire circumstances. There was nothing dire about this situation, I just wanted to, because it tasted so good!
So, blueberry pie, Mother-in-Laws famous coffee cake, Sister-in-Laws new rice crispie treat on steroids, more fudge, chocolate chip cookie. It took me a while to eat this (2 hours!). And then, when we got home, I proceeded to eat the leftover green bean casserole they sent with me. I wanted a pizza but no place was open!

Now, today, a day in which I definitely DID NOT go shopping, I am missing leftovers! We got up at 9:30, hungover from all the food, and now I am ready for a meal that I wish was a turkey dinner!!

Because it is a Thanksgiving entry…

I am thankful for:

My caring, supportive, motivating, and fun to live with husband
My 2 hilarious and adorable dogs and the fact they keep me warm at night
My family, even though half live in Florida now, I can still feel the love
PW’s family, who make me feel like I am one of their own
My job and the people I work with, not a lot of people can say they look forward to going to work and enjoy what they do. I am lucky enough to love it, and to work with some great people to boot
My friends, who keep me constantly laughing, and I could count on in a moments notice
My health, our house, and the fact we can splurge and buy a pizza or some guacamole or a new bike when necessary!!

I am off to do a MOUND of grading. I have a lot of projects I would like to be done with so I can start lesson planning. And also because I don’t have any time to do it tomorrow–my in-laws are coming up tomorrow! PW and his dad are going to work on the dining room (its coming along–we have drywall everywhere now!) and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I are going to Blackstone Valley Shops for lunch and an afternoon of shopping!

Hope everyone’s holiday was full of good food and laughs!


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