An actual meal…

and a hilarious text. The other day I got a text with this picture:

from our friend Mario, with the words ‘Macca to Mario: “I want no part of Pat Wheeler!”‘ We were laughing! He was interviewing Macca for Competitor so check it out!!

Now to the meal, last night I went to British Beer Company with PW and Ethan, who we havent seen in a really long time (he was doing a couple races in Mexico and did Miami, now hes in that awesome thing called The Off Season. Clearly he picked the place!).

(the picture is so dark! just know its a typical PW face!)

It was Friday…which means in November, its a free for all. P-dubs went for his usual:

Cheeseburger with swiss, and sweet potato fries.

Ethan got the fish and chips:

And I decided to get something off the “authentic English food” menu…a Chicken and Leek Pasty.

It was pretty much amazing. But how can you go wrong with a pastry crust browned like that? And there was bacon in it!

And because I was jealous of them next to me, some of my own fries, they were so good!!

I havent been on the internet in while, my first week with actual training and some sort of food poisoning from a really old Clif Luna Bar yesterday left me laying for a while. Luckily it went away before dinner, but I almost lost my lunch doing the leg press at the gym yesterday!

Some serious lesson planning on my agenda today, a 45 minutes run, and some easy bicycle riding!


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