So, last night was kind of a big deal in our house. It was the First Offical Body Fat Testing and Weigh in Night.
Its what we base our macronutrients on. Its our starting point. And its our time to see who was grosser over the last 5 weeks and increased their percentage more. PW’s body fat percentage went up by 6%. Mine went up by…4.5%. WHAT?!?! Clearly he worked harder at it!! At least now we have our starting numbers. Now we start trying to decrease hem slowly, week by week. Except for Friday nights when we eat pizza!

I also went to the Y for the first time today. After my 15 minutes recovery run, the making and eating of core-friendly chili, and some mathy power point presentation making, we headed there to lift some weights (and get big!). As we will be doing for the next 8 weeks. It was nothing special, just a gym. The highlight is how easily annoyed I am by the “gym rats”. The guys that are dedicated to 3 hours of weight lifting every day. I dont know why, they just irk me and amuse me at the same time! Im sure I do the same to them…taking up space as I am pulling 20 pounds (TWENTY POUNDS!!).

Busy weekend coming up. Watching a school play tomorrow night, Book club on Friday night, Lia Sophia party on Saturday night, some running/swimming/biking and some SERIOUS lesson planning!!


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