So I made some changes to my blog.

The first, a race report link. I only have 3 race reports in there so far, no big deal. I have at least 3 races to run before the relay in May (New Beford Half Marathon, Hyannis 10k, and a random 5k), so expect more to come!

The second, a blogroll. Apparently, I forgot about this. I had a blog roll, it was just hidden! I forgot to add the widget. So, it is not up there. And if I am on YOUR blogroll, and you are not on mine, let me know! Then I can fix it!

The last and most obvious one, I changed the theme and the picture in the header! I did take the picture, but I am currently in the process of making a more custom to me header that should hopefully be up soon!

Next on my update agenda: Ran for 40 minutes today, phew. 9:19 pace. I despise running in the cold! My neck hurts when I run in the cold. It almost feels like the glands in my neck are hurting. Weird? I know. Luckily, I signed up for the local YMCA yesterday. It is the triathlon mecca of Central Massachusetts. Its the nicest Y I have been in, and it has a pool, treadmills, and all the weight machines I need, so I am good! In fact, since I have a meeting after work tomorrow, I have already decided (resigned myself) to run on the treadmill there straight after I get out! Another 45 minutes tomorrow.

Thats all to report! It is time for social hermit mode, because its BASE TRAINING TIME!!

Ill leave you with these awesome coasters:


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