It begins.

Alright peeps, this is it. Training for the relay and my next marathon officially starts tomorrow. I have 20 miles to run, 3 gym sessions, some swimming and biking (at my discretion), and hopefully some Bikram Yoga with some gals from work! Monday means its back to Omega 3’s and protein powder. Endurox and Clif Bloks. Reality TV on the trainer and hunting for my gloves before every run (how do I always lose them overnight?!) Looking forward to it! I have 4 boxes of Pure Protein Bars waiting impatiently for me!!

In other, non-running, news. I decided to dye my hair yesterday. I went from Blondie McBlonderson (awkward photo)

Back to my luxurious natural (brown) color:

I also bought something Ive wanted to try for a while. People rave about this stuff, but it has always been too expensive for me to justify. I went to the new Super Wal-Mart yesterday (a story in and of itself…my trip resembled this entire site) and they had it super cheap!

Back to lesson planning (which I am super excited about, because I am re-reading Teach Like a Champion–if you are a teacher, check it out!), and to the continuing effort of making over our dining room!


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  1. You know, my first dog was named Maranatha. It was back when I lived in Mississippi. Apparently my mom named her that because growing up she had a crazy religious aunt who always used to talk about Maranatha. After googling I found out that Maranatha is a saying that means “The lord cometh.” Who’d have thought?! Makes me curious as to the reasons why the peanut butter company named their product Maranatha…!

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