2nd run back! And my marathon shirt woes…

Today was my second run back–30 minutes in the middle of Zone 1 at a 8:57 pace. I can definitely feel those extra 10 pounds! Same route as Tuesday, so at least I am consistent 🙂 I am excited for next week and starting in on the actual training schedule. PW has some lofty goals for me next season. I’ll get into those later into the season!

On aforementioned run, I decided to wear my Bay State Marathon long sleeve tshirt for the first time. I was the third person to pick up my race number/tshirt and when I went through the line, I answered “The smallest you have!” when asked for my shirt size. The thsirt man said the smallest he had was a small (go figure!), and off I went with my loot.

Put that sucker on today and check this out….

Its enormous! I am not a miniscule person. In fact, Id say I am pretty average. And for a runner? Definitely average. And that is why I dont understand why EVERY race shirt I get is huge!! Frustrating, because I cannot think of any race shirt that has actually fit me. The sleeves are so wide in the above shirt that I could definitely fit both of my arms through one! Dear shirt designers and purchasers, think of the waste when you make your orders! Pick a company with normal shirt sizing!

Excited about some stuff coming up at work, and celebrating Veteran’s Day (thanks to all those Vet’s out there!) by eating some pizza, doing some grading, and giving a massage!


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