First Run Back!!

Today was it: My first run back. 30 minutes in Zone 1! It took me a very. long. time. to get motivated. It is VERY cold here! I finally layered on my tights, shirt, winter jacket, hat, gloves, and laced up my shoes. And headed out with Coach for what I thought would be a terrible run.

Maybe I psyched myself out, so that ANYTHING was going to be better than what I was imagining.

Or maybe, because last time I took time off it was 6 months instead of 3 weeks, I didnt realize the transition back wouldnt be as painful.

Or maybe it was a fluke, and tomorrows run will leave me weeping.

No matter what, today was 9:02’s in Zone 1! For my first run back! I am stoked about this! Before the marathon I was running 8:07’s at the same heart rate. Could it be? Could I only have lost a minute/mile of fitness during this 3 weeks of gluttony and weight gain? I dont want to get my hopes up (but they are!).

Speaking of gluttony….yesterday after I made that leisurely brunch, I made linner tacos for PW and I before he left for some Zamboni-ing. They were awesome. I love Wholly Guacamole so much!

And last, I got a FoodBuzz account. Finally. So add me!

We keep our heat pretty low to cut costs (so, its 58 degrees in here right now..)
We do a lot of this with the dogs to stay warm! Im going to go get back at it. Im chilled after that jog!


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  1. If you want you can send me some of those tacos, its going to be cold enough where they will be naturally refrigerated in the mail truck so don’t worry about a cooler or anything 🙂

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