Some delicious food and..the wall is down.

So, as it always happens, when Im supposed to be back on the wagon is when I feel like baking/cooking. When I am in freeasabird time eating, I just want to sit around and have food delivered (and fed) to me. Anyways, I made these fantastic chicken fingers the other day and we had them with roasted potatoes. It was delicious. Way better than a McDonald’s #9!

All I did was cut up some chicken breast, made an egg/milk mixture in one bowl, and a flour/bread crumb/spices mixture in another. I DOUBLE coated the chicken to keep it extra crisp (egg/milk –> bread crumbs –>egg/milk –> bread crumbs –> pan). Then I sauteed them in some olive oil until they crisped up them finished them off in the oven. SO GOOD!

The last 2 weekends, PW and I have tried to get breakfast at all the local places. The wait is always at least an hour!! This morning, in the interest of saving time and money, I made us a breakfast fit for…a king? I dont know who it is fit for, but it was good!

Banana pancakes (from a box), hashbrowns (from scratch, of course!), scrambled eggs, and bacon.

Yesterday, PW’s dad and brother came up so they could all work on our dining room. And it was the day. The day when the wall came down. They drywalled the other two walls, and then dismantled the remaining one. It opened up the house so much!

This is a picture from our kitchen, looking towards the dining room, before.

And now, this is the view looking into the dining room from the kitchen:

Its going to be amazing! Next weekend they are putting in our “island”, there is going to be a counter/wall between the two rooms. Looking forward to it!

Alright, back to work. I am a busy bee as of late, grades close this week! And I start RUNNING again tomorrow. AHH!


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