Self-Construction=A new dining room!

So, in my last post I showed y’all my sweet painting job in our front hallway. I also hinted at the DIY home improvement projects that are to come, as PW was ripping down our dining room walls:

Just three days of hard work, NBD.

Since the walls were being ripped down and it was an event anyway, we decided we (and by we I mean PW and his dad) should rip down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and install a nice bar/island between them! I mean, who doesnt want barstools in their house?! And, it will open up our house a lot. The kitchen feels super cramped right now, and considering how much time I spend in their, the happier I am=the better food we will be eating!

So, I came home from work yesterday to this:

Holy mess, Batman! And that was the END! There are endless amounts of trash bags on our back deck. And get this: we found out our house has no insulation. Crazy! So, in addition to the drywall, they needed to insulate. As of today, we have a new, insulated wall!

Also very exciting? Perhaps the most exciting? When they were ripping down the walls, they had to take up some of the rug. Look at what was peeking out from underneath!

Not only is our entire downstairs hardwood under the rug–it looks like it might not even need to be refinished! Can you imagine? I am super psyched about this future dining room.

As you can see, its a work in progress. Kind of like my running. (Hows that for a transition?)

This is my last week before I start running again. Next week is easy, sporadic runs on my own time. OFFICIAL training for next season, for both PW and I, starts on the 15th. I am both dreading it and excited!


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  1. Courtney… watch out for the hardwood floors… the edges may look real good, but the part where people walk will be where all the wear is.

    Good luck with all the dust…. been there, done that… let me know if you guys need any help. Oh and what size sheetrock did they use… the thicker stuff helps alot with insulating… also with keeping noise out, but its not like you live on a busy street…

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