Ah, Halloween weekend. A busy one out here in central Massachusetts! On Friday, I decided that I wanted to paint our front hallway. First thing Saturday morning. You see, it was the horrific lime sherbet color. Friday, I had decidedly had enough of it!

We went and bought everything I would need to paint. And Saturday morning I took 3 hours and banged it out. As PW was ripping down all the walls in our dining room (no big deal! ha)

Then, today, to finish it off, we built the bench my mother-in-law bought us for our anniversary.

Fits in perfectly with the flesh colored wall!

After that, it was time for my first Halloween party…ever. We made our costumes. Can you guess what we are? Other than me being excited, I mean…

We are the planeteers! From Captain Planet! I was Air. Check out our sweet socks (they were necessary!):

I was, again, very excited.

I also made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies:


This is a super long post already, but needless to say it was an awesome party. We played a lot of Set. There was a lot of good food. Some of the other hilarious costumes included: cloudy with a chance of rain, a s’more, a hostess cupcake, a monk, a hippie, and someone from the 80’s (full on with a Van Halen bandana!).

Unfortunately (or actually, maybe its fortunately), tomorrow we are getting back at it. I start back with riding and swimming, PW is back at all 3. And the diet. So today, for our last hoorah, we had Starbucks coffee, breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts, AND donuts. Phew!


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