BayState Marathon Pictures

Finally found the cord to my camera. And then realized that I did the EXACT same pose every time I saw PW taking a picture! There were a lot of “thumbs ups” to be had! What can I say? I was excited to be running a marathon!

Check out my calf/foot here. I have a serious Hillary Biscay thing going on!

Excited! The girl to my left in the all black is Sara. We ran pretty much the entire race together, and were BFF’s for the last 10 miles!

“Hi PW!” So happy to see him!

Still feel good!

Last 1/4 mile. Not sure if I was yelling or breathing heavily (I was practically sprinting at this point!). Please note Sara and I are still together!

That is that. I am going stir crazy not running. And am sick of eating. 2 more weeks until I can run again 😦 I may join the local YMCA just so I can swim and get some semblance of exercise happening again! We went out last night for Dawn and Pratt’s birthdays and this two nights in a row out past midnight thing was not a good idea! Old lady-ness is in full effect! However, worth it, because both events were fun!

Tonight is our one year anniversary party/Dawn’s birthday party. We will finally consume the top of our wedding cake (a couple weeks late, but whatever!). And I have approximately 2.34 tons of papers to correct. Woop!


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