The Aftermath

Man alive, have I been in tough shape! When you train for (and race) a marathon, people give you a lot of insight and advice. The one thing people do not tell you is just how terrible you will feel in the days afterwards. Maybe it is like childbirth, and you forget after after a while until you do it again. No matter what, let me post it here to warn you all and so that I wont forget: Holy Cow It Hurts! I walked around stiff-legged, not bending any joints, Sunday-Tuesday. Today was the first day I could do stairs at work, but I still had to brace myself pretty hard on the railing. And walking down them, I also look like I just finished a horseback ride, all wide legged!

But, in true form, I cannot wait to start training again and race next year!

PW has been busy in his 2 weeks since Kona….he has been on Honey Do List Duty. Our house is straight out of 1920, will pull chains on the lights and wallpaper directly on the drywall. His goal the last two weeks has been to install light switches in all the rooms and get rid of the chains–sweet! Next on his agenda? Which he started yesterday? Tearing down all the old crappy 1920’s sheetrock, rewiring the old electrical work inside the walls, and replacing it with fancy new drywall. Yes, seriously. It is pretty awesome!!

And lastly, on the food front, I have been eating my brains out. I was so glad to eat a normal lunch today (including YOGURT!) and actually feel hungry. I forgot what that felt like!!

Nonetheless, I am making the apple pie from last month again tonight. Because it was that good!


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