The Day Before

Today is the day before the big day. I have been a miserable lady for the last week. I finally got down pretty close to race weight, but cried and whined about it the entire time. Last night PW was eating an entire large Papa Ginos cheese pizza and breadsticks with some Magic Hat #9 after I had my dinner of…..chicken, and I wanted to forget the race and just eat. But I kept telling myself that TODAY Id be carbo-loading and all would be right in the world again! And, thankfully, I made it through last night. Sleep has been lacking for the last week so yesterday when I got home from school, I walked into our house and laid down on the couch and passed out for 2 hours. In addition to the nine hours of sleep last night, Im feeling a little more human.

So, this morning we got up and went to breakfast, having to be FINISHED by 9am, we were there by 8. I ordered toast, eggs, homefries, half stack pancakes and half stack french toast, and the waitress looked at me like I was nuts:

(a little blurry because I was so hungry I just wanted to EAT!)

15 minutes later (if that, maybe 10) this is what I could do:

Not bad, right?

Following breakfast we went and picked up my race number and packet at Lowell High School. While there, I ate a banana. And drank my weight in water.

Now, I am snacking on some pretzels:

And then I will take a nap!! All I have left to eat is a turkey sandwich and some spaghetti for dinner, not bad at all.

I am nervous about tomorrow, but more than that, I am excited to eat Coldstone post race. I may or may not have already planned out what I am going to get (french vanilla with a brownie, oreos, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter…if you were wondering).

And maybe some:

No, just kidding. A little math humor. I dont even like Pumpkin Pie!

Think of me tomorrow, around 11am, I should be around mile 22 miles then and will need all the help I can get!!

Over and out, next time I post I will be finished with my first marathon…and drunk on ice cream 🙂


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