Ah, Ironman Hawaii.

Another Ironman done. After a long sleep (for me) and a lot of food (for him) we are again both functioning!

So, PW did an amazing thing yesterday. He set a huge PR for the Ironman Distance….while at the hardest Ironman (conditions wise!) in the world. The pavement temperature yesterday was 126 degrees, I imagine that felt pretty warm. My sunburn agrees!

He swam the 2.4 miles in one hour flat, he bikes the 112 miles in 5 hours and 14 minutes, and he ran the 26.2 miles in 3:03 for a total time of 9:27. Which, if my raving about it isnt enough, let me say again: is unbelievably awesome!

(He was so mad at me for making him take this picture but whatever!!)

Our friend Cait also had the best race of her life so far (notice a pattern?? go QT2!), coming in 8th overall with the 2nd fastest women’s run split. While smiling:

And while they were out there being crazy, I got to look at views like THESE!

It was a great day. I had to run 30 minutes this morning which wasn’t great despite the views (man its hot out here!) and I have 30minutes this afternoon. AND THEN! We fly home. Boo!!


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