The rest of the Rest Day

Bike drop off has occured.

PW and Karen about to ride down to transition…

I waited for them near the Kona Bike Count. This thing is epic. About fifteen people line up in their lawn chairs with their clipboards and write down the types of bikes, wheels, saddles, grouppo’s, tires, water bottle cages, everything you can imagine, is on each bike going into transition. They tally it up at the end to track trends in the triathlon industry. Its like a red carpet and they are the paparazzi….

I met Kelly for a quick drink at Humpy’s…but that happened after I stopped by the QT2 House and checked out their view, AMAZING!!

And watched this guy drink a glass of milk. I havent seen someone drink a glass of milk in a long time, it kind of weirded me out!

Now it is time to rest up, for a big day tomorrow!! Probably wont be able to update the blog until tomorrow night but I will be updating my twitter account religiously!

Dede Griesbauer’s father will also be updating her twitter account with live updates too, so check it out!


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