QT2 Breakfast!

This morning was the infamous QT2 breakfast…unfortunately all I could really have was pineapple and coffee, but I snuck in an english muffin in anticipation of my run later. Here is everyone sitting down enjoying their carbs!

A good showing! QT2 has 12 people (I think!) racing Hawaii so it is an exciting atmosphere around here. A typical (the average) breakfast consumed was 4 pancakes, 2 pieces of toast, 1 piece of french toast, and 2 eggs. Some people had more (ahem, PW) or less (carbs are dependent on body mass!). Its pretty hilarious to not only watch, but also to watch the waitstaff and how they react to these skinny people consuming their weight in pancakes!

This little birdy joined us as well:

Came home, hung out for a little bit then headed out on my 50 minute run. This is the last real week of running before the marathon, next week is the last taper with a mere 10 miles. I had strict instructions from Coach PW to run my normal Zone 1 pace, and to disregard heart rate because of the heat. And that I did. But man, I almost didn’t make it! Its so hot here. I have even more respect for this race now!!

Not quite sure what’s on my agenda for the rest of the day…except some definite READING! Woop woop!

Countdown to the big day is on…can’t believe its finally here! Scary to think once the race is over…it will be only a week to my first marathon. Eep!


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