Finally in Hawaii!

After traveling from 6am to 8pm (my time!), I have finally arrived! But, lets be serious, there is NOTHING to complain about travelwise when you are flying to KONA!!! The best part of flying? Other than the endless supply of airport Starbucks of course. READING! After doing all my grading, I had hours and hours with nothing to do but read. It was glorious and I read the entire new Faye Kellerman novel. Ahhh.

Speaking of relaxing…check out my view from the porch right now as I write this entry:

Yep, thats right!

Going to dinner tonight at Boston Basil’s (went last year with Jesse and Mikaela–I remember them having awesome salads!)

Tomorrow, while everyone else has their feet up and are carbo loading, I will be doing a 50 minute run and then perusing Alii Drive!! And taking pictures…and going to Lava Java….and updating my blog…and maybe having some pre-race night fun (the best Ironman parties are the night before the race!)

So, stay tuned, I will be updating the blog with pictures of Ironman from the spectator side!!

Good look to Phypes tomorrow…she is playing a show at a local cafe and I am bummed to miss it! Break a leg or something!!


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