Apple Picking Adventure!!

Before I post the hundreds (okay, not hundreds) of pictures I took apple picking, I HAVE to inform you of my new obsession…Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee. I am most definitely not an iced coffee girl. But this flavor has rocked my world! No extra sugar needed, just some skim milk, and I am sipping on heaven!!

Okay, now on to apple picking. We went to Honey Pot Hill (which, fi we are FourSquare friends, you already know!). I couldnt really get any apples, because I am leaving for Hawaii soon, but I enjoyed eating them straight from the tree while we were there!!

It was a great day to be there…and climb ladders:

And try not to fall off while reaching for THE perfect apple (or so you think)

Also, who knew pigs were so cute?!?!

Today ends the easy part of my taper, I go back up to 30something miles next week. Went to dinner at the Boynton last night with the gals, soooo good (as usual) but after stuffing my face with pizza, I really have to reign it back in for the race. Because it is in 2 weeks. And I am pretty sure I am getting slower. I am at that point where I am not excited about the race, I am dreading it, but just want it to be over all in the same feeling. Luckily I have a little island trip to make me forget about it for a little bit.

And on that note…I need to go plan for the week!! And run for an hour, but its only 48 degrees out right now!! Brr. In case any of my awesome blog readers are going apple picking soon, Ill leave you with some directions!!


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