Ah, Halloween weekend. A busy one out here in central Massachusetts! On Friday, I decided that I wanted to paint our front hallway. First thing Saturday morning. You see, it was the horrific lime sherbet color. Friday, I had decidedly had enough of it!

We went and bought everything I would need to paint. And Saturday morning I took 3 hours and banged it out. As PW was ripping down all the walls in our dining room (no big deal! ha)

Then, today, to finish it off, we built the bench my mother-in-law bought us for our anniversary.

Fits in perfectly with the flesh colored wall!

After that, it was time for my first Halloween party…ever. We made our costumes. Can you guess what we are? Other than me being excited, I mean…

We are the planeteers! From Captain Planet! I was Air. Check out our sweet socks (they were necessary!):

I was, again, very excited.

I also made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies:


This is a super long post already, but needless to say it was an awesome party. We played a lot of Set. There was a lot of good food. Some of the other hilarious costumes included: cloudy with a chance of rain, a s’more, a hostess cupcake, a monk, a hippie, and someone from the 80’s (full on with a Van Halen bandana!).

Unfortunately (or actually, maybe its fortunately), tomorrow we are getting back at it. I start back with riding and swimming, PW is back at all 3. And the diet. So today, for our last hoorah, we had Starbucks coffee, breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts, AND donuts. Phew!


Some GOOD eats have been going on here as of late. These are only pictures of some of them. Like, for instance, heres a picture of the trifle my sister-in-law made us post-marathon. It involves brownies and 28 peanut butter cups:

Last night, we went to Uno’s. I had never had their deep dish pizza, and what better time then these 2 weeks to try it? This was their Farmer’s Market Pizza. Tomatoes, eggplant, pesto, feta, carmelized onions, spinach. Basically, amazing. As evident by my face and blurry picture (please excuse my eyes, Im super tired as of late–fighting off a cold I think!)

Whats that? You want to see a close up of this amazing pizza?

And then tonight I decided to make a chicken pot pie from scratch. Since Ive been FREE, I havent really made too much in my own kitchen. I adapted my moms recipe, and it was delicious of course.

Wait for it….

On Sunday morning, PW had a craving for french toast. After trying all the local diners (including IHOP and Denny’s, blergh) I made the executive decision to take matters into my own hands. Trust me, much more than this was consumed!

A lot more food has been consumed, but these were the only things I slowed down enough to take pictures of (fact!).

BayState Marathon Pictures

Finally found the cord to my camera. And then realized that I did the EXACT same pose every time I saw PW taking a picture! There were a lot of “thumbs ups” to be had! What can I say? I was excited to be running a marathon!

Check out my calf/foot here. I have a serious Hillary Biscay thing going on!

Excited! The girl to my left in the all black is Sara. We ran pretty much the entire race together, and were BFF’s for the last 10 miles!

“Hi PW!” So happy to see him!

Still feel good!

Last 1/4 mile. Not sure if I was yelling or breathing heavily (I was practically sprinting at this point!). Please note Sara and I are still together!

That is that. I am going stir crazy not running. And am sick of eating. 2 more weeks until I can run again 😦 I may join the local YMCA just so I can swim and get some semblance of exercise happening again! We went out last night for Dawn and Pratt’s birthdays and this two nights in a row out past midnight thing was not a good idea! Old lady-ness is in full effect! However, worth it, because both events were fun!

Tonight is our one year anniversary party/Dawn’s birthday party. We will finally consume the top of our wedding cake (a couple weeks late, but whatever!). And I have approximately 2.34 tons of papers to correct. Woop!

A Picture

What a trip to the grocery store post-marathon and post-Ironman really looks like:

We awoke at 9 (I had an awesome time seeing the MIT Logarhythms , and then rolled to Dunkin’ Donuts to get our respective “regulars”. And then, we continued to roll to…the grocery store. We walked up and down the aisles grabbing what we want to eat. The food above is our food for post lunch! As I am currently eating Panera soup and PW is currently eating waffles for lunch. Chicken nuggets and potato wedges for dinner–woop woop!

The Aftermath

Man alive, have I been in tough shape! When you train for (and race) a marathon, people give you a lot of insight and advice. The one thing people do not tell you is just how terrible you will feel in the days afterwards. Maybe it is like childbirth, and you forget after after a while until you do it again. No matter what, let me post it here to warn you all and so that I wont forget: Holy Cow It Hurts! I walked around stiff-legged, not bending any joints, Sunday-Tuesday. Today was the first day I could do stairs at work, but I still had to brace myself pretty hard on the railing. And walking down them, I also look like I just finished a horseback ride, all wide legged!

But, in true form, I cannot wait to start training again and race next year!

PW has been busy in his 2 weeks since Kona….he has been on Honey Do List Duty. Our house is straight out of 1920, will pull chains on the lights and wallpaper directly on the drywall. His goal the last two weeks has been to install light switches in all the rooms and get rid of the chains–sweet! Next on his agenda? Which he started yesterday? Tearing down all the old crappy 1920’s sheetrock, rewiring the old electrical work inside the walls, and replacing it with fancy new drywall. Yes, seriously. It is pretty awesome!!

And lastly, on the food front, I have been eating my brains out. I was so glad to eat a normal lunch today (including YOGURT!) and actually feel hungry. I forgot what that felt like!!

Nonetheless, I am making the apple pie from last month again tonight. Because it was that good!

It Finally Happened. Bay State Marathon Race Report.

Hard to believe this thing I have been training for, for months, has already come and gone. Even in the middle of it I was thinking to myself “is this it? man, i dont want it to end then!”. I stopped thinking that at mile 24 though, then I was ready for the finish 🙂

All I can say, is that my my coach and QT2 are a force to be reckoned with. Not to ruin the race report, but they were SPOT ON with nutrition, race pace, training, the whole thing. I never felt bad. I felt AWESOME until mile 24 when I got bored and wanted to finish and start eating! My pace was consistent through every mile. Unreal!

Okay, onto the good stuff:

Went to bed relatively early on Saturday night (9pm-ish) and got up at 4:45am, to start EATING! Unlike a lot of people, I was starving (as usual) and psyched to start eating. I went with the typical race morning breakfast, and was feeling good as I inhaled my applesauce in the car on the way to Lowell.

We were there extremey early. Despite having worked for a race production company for 12 years, I was somehow fooled by the life or death emails strongly encouraging you arrive 90 minutes early. We did, and we were the few and the proud. We did get prime parking because of this though. We went into the arena to warm up and ran into my friend Jay, who was awesome comic relief before this big race.

Pre-race picture with the coach (and husband!)

For some reason, from the second I woke up until I started the race, I wasnt nervous. I trusted the race plan, and I knew as long as I did everything as instructed, I could keep the pace and hit the goal. Of course, because I am a pee-er, I had to pee twice on the half mile walk from where we parked to the start. Annoying!

They didnt have corrals for time, which made things a little messy in that tiny fenced in area. I tried to sneak my way up front as much as possible, but people werent budging. My goal pace was 8:00-8:05 per mile, kept track of on my trusty Garmin. I wore my HR monitor strap too, because PW thought it would be “interesting” to see after.

Mile 1 was a bust…I had about 200 people in front of me doing 10min/mi or less, and in the lane they gave us to run, I couldnt get around them. I started out this race SUPER frustrated. The first 4 miles consisted of me swearing in my head and wanting to sprint to get around them but holding back.

The plan was to take a 10 second “wog” break every 2 miles, because I had not hit critical volume. Nutrition wise, I ate 12 Clif Bloks and 3 gels over the course of the race along with as much Gatorade as I could grab from the aid stations.

Here is my Garmin Connect File if you want to see all the dirty details for yourself (HR/Pace/Elevation). If youre in for the long haul of reading, here are my splits for each mile along with average HR for that mile:

Mile 1: 8:13, HR: 180
Mile 2: 8:08, HR: 183
Mile 3: 8:00, HR 183
Mile 4: 8:01, HR: 183
Mile 5: 8:04, HR: 182
Mile 6: 7:58, HR: 183
Mile 7: 8:09, HR: 183
Mile 8: 7:58, HR 184
Mile 9: 8:02, HR: 183
Mile 10: 8:04, HR: 184
Mile 11: 8:03, HR 183
Mile 12: 8:03, HR 185
Mile 13: 8:18, HR 186
Mile 14: 8:11, HR: 187
Mile 15: 8:01, HR: 8:01
Mile 16: 8:10, HR: 186
Mile 17: 8:17, HR: 187
Mile 18: 8:03, HR: 188
Mile 19: 8:14, HR: 187
Mile 20: 8:15, HR: 189
Mile 21: 8:19, HR: 188
Mile 22: 8:12, HR: 189
Mile 23: 8:08, HR: 190
Mile 24: 8:20, HR: 190
Mile 25: 8:12, HR: 191
Mile 26: 8:03, HR: 193
Last .33: 7:41, HR: 198

Total: 3:34:13, 26.33miles, 8:08 min/mi, Average HR: 186bpm

Tried to be as consistent as possible!

Post race, I couldnt walk. I finished, dragged myself (barely) to where PW was, and magically my hip flexors were no more. PW had to lift me and lay me down on the grass without bending anything. Walking to the car was awful. I was looking around wondering why everyone else was walking fine and I was unable to stand on my own. Here I am about 10 minutes after finishing, PW carrying me around:

I did qualify for Boston but would like to get a few more marathons under my belt first. I was so frustrated being stuck behind people and the sheer quantity of people at this race (a whopping 2000), that I cannot imagine what kind of rampage I would be on amongst 25,000. I need to get over that before I can do a huge marathon!!!

I will post some pictures tomorrow. I have a ton of race pictures…but I have to find the cord to upload them to my computer first!

When we got back to the car, all I wanted was my running shoes off…and my Uggs on. Yeah, I was that girl. And I know these are the same three pictures with me in various stages of disarray:

In case you were wondering, on the way home from the race I had a large fry, medium vanilla shake, and medium sprite at McDonalds. When we got home I had a funfetti cookie and some trifle. Then we went out to dinner and I had a block of fried cheese (true story), three rolls, and some pizza. Then the infamous Coldstone for dessert.

Today so far this is what I have had:
-2 cookies
-leftover pizza for lunch
-guacamole and chips
(Below is from Brew City, where we went to dinner!)
-onion rings
-soft pretzel sticks with mustard
-shepard’s pie

Tomorrow is my last day to eat like this, so I am taking full advantage. Wednesday I start to reign it back in, because training starts in 2 weeks for the Relay that goes from Wachusett to Westport (in May). Woohoo!

The Day Before

Today is the day before the big day. I have been a miserable lady for the last week. I finally got down pretty close to race weight, but cried and whined about it the entire time. Last night PW was eating an entire large Papa Ginos cheese pizza and breadsticks with some Magic Hat #9 after I had my dinner of…..chicken, and I wanted to forget the race and just eat. But I kept telling myself that TODAY Id be carbo-loading and all would be right in the world again! And, thankfully, I made it through last night. Sleep has been lacking for the last week so yesterday when I got home from school, I walked into our house and laid down on the couch and passed out for 2 hours. In addition to the nine hours of sleep last night, Im feeling a little more human.

So, this morning we got up and went to breakfast, having to be FINISHED by 9am, we were there by 8. I ordered toast, eggs, homefries, half stack pancakes and half stack french toast, and the waitress looked at me like I was nuts:

(a little blurry because I was so hungry I just wanted to EAT!)

15 minutes later (if that, maybe 10) this is what I could do:

Not bad, right?

Following breakfast we went and picked up my race number and packet at Lowell High School. While there, I ate a banana. And drank my weight in water.

Now, I am snacking on some pretzels:

And then I will take a nap!! All I have left to eat is a turkey sandwich and some spaghetti for dinner, not bad at all.

I am nervous about tomorrow, but more than that, I am excited to eat Coldstone post race. I may or may not have already planned out what I am going to get (french vanilla with a brownie, oreos, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter…if you were wondering).

And maybe some:

No, just kidding. A little math humor. I dont even like Pumpkin Pie!

Think of me tomorrow, around 11am, I should be around mile 22 miles then and will need all the help I can get!!

Over and out, next time I post I will be finished with my first marathon…and drunk on ice cream 🙂


After 12 hours of traveling, we made it home! But not without a minor hiccup. You see, when I parked my car at Logan Airport on Thursday morning (very early Thursday morning, may I add! It was pitch black out!), I did something very not smart. I left one of the inside lights on. In my hybrid. And then left my car there for 4 days. I am sure you can see where this is going….

We got back to the car after a long day of traveling followed by a long shuttle ride to the long-term lot. And my car wasnt beeping when I tried to unlock it. I manually unlock the door, get in and it wont start. Wont even light up. YEP! Battery dead! Having never jumped a hybrid before, I was in full panic mode. Somehow, PW was the calm one and got a tow truck to quickly jump it and we were on our way within 30 minutes. And thats when I saw that the inside light was on…oops!! Clearly I was tired that morning 🙂

And a shout out to the tow truck driver who came and jumped the car within 10 minutes for free. Not sure if it is his job to do that around the airport or what, but he was super friendly, and we had no cash to tip him, so I am wishing him LOTS of good karma for helping us out!!

Now, onto New England related news. T minus 4 days until the marathon! Today was my last Zone 1 run, a whopping 35 minutes. I cannot wait for this thing to be over! Having PW be done for his race and eating things like:

-McDonalds last night before bed
Then today:
-An entire large pepperoni pizza and breadsticks from Papa Ginos
-4 Apple Cider Donuts
-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
-Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
-Chex Mix
-Oatmeal Cream Pies

While I am still sitting around starving is slowly killing me! I am already planning my post race eats. They include:

-Well done cheese pizza
-An entire loaf of bread, warm, with butter

Thats really all I want right now!! Now you all will know what I will be thinking of at mile 22 🙂

And! PW already updated his blog with his Ironman Hawaii Race Report (with a pretty sweet shout out to me!), you can find it here !

Coffee detox starts tomorrow….wish me luck!

Ah, Ironman Hawaii.

Another Ironman done. After a long sleep (for me) and a lot of food (for him) we are again both functioning!

So, PW did an amazing thing yesterday. He set a huge PR for the Ironman Distance….while at the hardest Ironman (conditions wise!) in the world. The pavement temperature yesterday was 126 degrees, I imagine that felt pretty warm. My sunburn agrees!

He swam the 2.4 miles in one hour flat, he bikes the 112 miles in 5 hours and 14 minutes, and he ran the 26.2 miles in 3:03 for a total time of 9:27. Which, if my raving about it isnt enough, let me say again: is unbelievably awesome!

(He was so mad at me for making him take this picture but whatever!!)

Our friend Cait also had the best race of her life so far (notice a pattern?? go QT2!), coming in 8th overall with the 2nd fastest women’s run split. While smiling:

And while they were out there being crazy, I got to look at views like THESE!

It was a great day. I had to run 30 minutes this morning which wasn’t great despite the views (man its hot out here!) and I have 30minutes this afternoon. AND THEN! We fly home. Boo!!

The rest of the Rest Day

Bike drop off has occured.

PW and Karen about to ride down to transition…

I waited for them near the Kona Bike Count. This thing is epic. About fifteen people line up in their lawn chairs with their clipboards and write down the types of bikes, wheels, saddles, grouppo’s, tires, water bottle cages, everything you can imagine, is on each bike going into transition. They tally it up at the end to track trends in the triathlon industry. Its like a red carpet and they are the paparazzi….

I met Kelly for a quick drink at Humpy’s…but that happened after I stopped by the QT2 House and checked out their view, AMAZING!!

And watched this guy drink a glass of milk. I havent seen someone drink a glass of milk in a long time, it kind of weirded me out!

Now it is time to rest up, for a big day tomorrow!! Probably wont be able to update the blog until tomorrow night but I will be updating my twitter account religiously!

Dede Griesbauer’s father will also be updating her twitter account with live updates too, so check it out!