In theme with the “Best Evers”…

Tomorrow is a coworkers birthday, so I decided to bake a little something to bring cheer to what would otherwise be a normal Thursday. And what makes EVERYTHING better? Brownies! Here are my best ever brownies:



Super rich and delicious looking. And if you think I didnt try a bite while still warm out of the over, you’re nuts!!

(I think the above is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken! Looks so yum!)

And while I am on a pictures kick, here is my dinner tonight. Leftover beef stew from last night. SO easy, and yet again, so delicious. Today was clearly a good food day!!

It was also a super long day. And due to one of our dogs (KONA!!) I hardly got any sleep last night (she wanted to get up and play…at 3am!). So I need to go make 3 quizzes/tests and then hit the hay!

Tomorrow is a 40minute run, woop!


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