Retail Therapy

A little retail therapy was necessary yesterday. Target, EMS, and THE MALL!

A water bottle from EMS, some tea (raspberry green tea) and bracelets from Target, a really cute purple shirt from Ann Taylor Loft (I love that store!), and some jeans and a t-shirt from American Eagle. Not quite sure WHY American Eagle changed the sizing on their pants AGAIN, but I sure am sick of it. I like being able to buy a pair of pants and know they are going to fit without trying them on, because Ive been the same size for years. Not so much, with these. Will have to be exchanged!!

Helpful hint: to get in my green tea during the day, AND to stay hydrated, I like to brew “iced tea” over night. All this means is I fill the above purchased water bottle (a Camelback Suck ‘N’ Sip) with water (25oz), put 2 tea bags in, and let brew overnight in the cold water. How refreshing!!

Didnt get a lot of sleep tonight, so Im kind of on auto pilot at the moment. Crockpot-ing some healthified beef stew and then getting an entire bag of work done!! Couldnt stay late because the dogs needed to go outside PRONTO!, so I brought it all home with me!!


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