Taper time! Last big week ended yesterday with a 130 minute run. I am so ready to taper!! Especially since that run was paused for about 30 minutes (95 minutes into it!!) do to ridiculous bloating. I laid in many yards waiting for it to go away. Then walked. Then laid some more. Until finally I was able to finish!!! And now, only 21 miles this week, woop woop!

I actually have a dinner to show you (its been a while!!). PW and I went to Uno’s on Saturday night. I reallllly wanted a Cobb Salad and it was the only local place that had one that looked remotely good. Well it ended up being…dun dun dun…the best salad Ive ever had!!

Gorgonzola on the side, chicken, bacon, avocado (a Cobb Salad MUST in my world), tomato, skip the egg, and avocado ranch dressing on the side. So, so delicious. And a nice little cheesy breadstick/wedge that carbo loaded me well for the last long run on Sunday. I cannot wait to go back and get that again!!

On another note, while deep cleaning the house the other day, I found the dog “costumes” that I bought the pups last year in November (the best time to buy a Halloween costume–I think each shirt cost $2?!) Anyways, Chloe was content to model hers. Kona…not so much. Every time I held it up she ran from me, so i gave up and took a picture of me holding it. Yes, that Count Barkula (appropriate) and Little Miss Scary (should be Little Miss Scared!)

The horns! The cape! The bug legs! So cute.

While I am posting pictures, I found a picture of The Best Pizza I Ever Had on my phone (I realize that phone pictures do no justice, but I had to work with it…someone gets embarassed when I break out the DSLR in the restaurant!). I had this a while ago…so much so I cannot even remember when it was, but I do remember that it is from The Boynton. And then I asked for it well done. Because, like an avocado makes a Cobb Salad worth eating, a crispy well done cheese/crust combo does the same for pizza!

I know. Amazing. And yes looking at it makes me hungry all over again!!

Somehow I managed to make it out of work without anything (okay, I forgot the stuff I wanted to correct in my mad rush home to let the dogs out!), so I am going to take the next 2 hours in which I dont have to be 1)Running 2)Riding 3)Working 4)Cleaning or 5)Massaging (appointment is at 7!), and READ A BOOK!!!!


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