Well, then

Hello, Blog World! I have been seriously out of commission for the past 3 weeks! An injury and the start of school + many meetings and massages has left me no time for internet-ing. I am sad to report that my Google Reader got up to over 1,000 unread entries over the last week! It pained me to “Mark All As Read” but I had to, I was so overwhelmed!

So, two weeks ago that little tingle in my calf turned into a full-fledged unable to run injury. I spent that entire week moping around, eating ice cream (and doing FIVE massages!). Then on Monday, I decided maybe it was my shoes, because stretching was not curing it! Apparently, I got a bad pair of shoes on a fluke and now am just annoyed I didn’t think of trying out that solution early!

Nonetheless, despite the overwhelming amount of stuff going on at work, I got in 48 miles for my “comeback week”, concluding with a long run of 19 miles yesterday split over two 80 minute runs. This week is 42 miles and then it is TAPER TIME! And the countdown to Hawaii starts!

Things at work are going great. I don’t remember being this busy the last 2 years but I am trying REALLY hard to think of interesting lessons and ways to keep the kids engaged. My goal is to hear kids say “Wow! This class just flew by!”, because if theyre not staring at the clock, chances are they are learning 🙂
Yesterday I got up and ran, did 4 hours of lesson planning (just for my classes TODAY, making notes and packets and acitivities!), and then did my second run. I slept HARD!

Not a lot of cooking has been happening. During that mope-filled week off I ate a lot of soup and ice cream (pity me food!), and now that I am running again I have been brining a yogurt with fruit, a protein bar, and an apple for lunch every day. Sad but true folks. Wish I had time to make those delicious cobb salads again!

Today was a day off from running, so I came home and made some chili ASAP before I head east to give a massage!

Don’t fear, blog friends! I am still around, just trying to slog through the end of marathon training. I’ll try to update more (and by update I mean COOK!)


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  1. Can you fit a week of menu planning for someone who has been diagnosed with
    diabetes into your busy life??? I am a big fan of your turkey meatballs.

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