Back at Work!

Today was the first day of school! It looks to be a promising year–I am excited!

Went out to lunch today with some gals, and had the worst salad ever. Literally, ever. I ordered a “Cobb Salad with grilled chicken, no egg”. Check this out:

That is most definitely a greek salad. I asked 3 times if it was a Cobb Salad and she assured me it was–olives, onions, green pepper, yellow pepper, pita bread and all. And 2 bacon bits! It wasawful. Will never go back to that restaurant!!! Needless to say I didnt eat it (cant stand olives, raw onions, or any kind of peppers!), and left hungry 😦

Anyways, over the weekend, I did a 2 hour run and it was the best run of my life this far. I got in 15 miles and averaged an 8:07 pace. Yes, that is faster than that awful 10k I did last month. On the way home from the race at which I did my run (while spectating), PW and I decided to stop at the Gap because I had a 30% coupon that expired on that day!

Work clothes! Yes, I am going to single-handedly bring back the argyle sweater vest, you wait and see!!

Driving to the city to give a massage tonight and then have a 75 minute run to complete tomorrow morning before school!!


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  1. If someone came over to my house for dinner and I didn’t like them at all, I’d serve them that salad.

    Maybe you wronged someone back in the kitchen in a past life.

  2. hummmmm. I remember one of those being in Hudson but never ventured in. Good luck with school as in taking classes or teaching?

    I know thatrunnnerchick that:
    can cook,
    has the cutest dog
    loves candy like me
    is married to Pat
    is a massage therapist
    runs and runs and runs…

    nothing about school… 🙂

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