Creepy track guy? Check. Good eats? Check.

I have a couple things to write about. One, my track workout from yesterday, for our usual installment of Nightmare Track Thursdays! I also have some book club eats to show you. But first!

The other day, Ethan happened to walk by my car and peek in. He nonchalantly asks me (completely innocently) “are you living out of your car or something?” Hmmm. My friend J (the 5k runner) refuses to even get IN my car. And one time, I went out to lunch with Chrissie and Trish, and we lost Trish in the backseat for a while under a pile of cookbooks, workout clothes, and an over bacon cooker (true story).

Sounds like its time to clean my car, right? So this morning, I went to the grocery store, put all the groceries away and then went back out to my car armed with many grocery bags. 45 minutes later I have removed all trash, clothing, cookbooks, and massage paraphernalia (I gave up my massage room and had to pack it all up!). Not only that, but I wiped down everything as well. PHEW. Perhaps now J will let me drive her to her birthday fiesta now! HA!

Okay, so back to track workout. Yesterday was 6 by 800 at 6:32/mi pace. And a total run of 75 minutes. Ran to the track, got in a 20min warm-up, and then started running. In the beginning, I like to only go by the pace my Garmin gives me. And this is because (Im hoping someone else stands up and tells me they do this too!) I like to do math in my head while running. Sometimes I’ll calculate my miles for the week, or the grams of carbs I ate for the day, OR in this case, Ill calculate how long each half mile should taken me, then each 400, then each 100. Keeps me busy (or my mind off the pain!)

Track workout was uneventful other than the fact CREEPY GUY was there again!! He was, of course, creepy again. To the point that I reported him and his license plate to the campus police. You never know! Extra creeped out because he drove home while I was running home and did NOT make the turn he made last time. You know what that means? Maybe he had to go to the post office after his walk. OR MAYBE he just went out of his way to follow me while I was running last time. 😦 😦 😦 Needless to say, I can never go back to that track. Ah well, only one more track workout before the marathon anyways!

And now: BOOK CLUB! Last night was book club and it was filled to the brim with delicious eats (and wine!).

Tomato, mozz, basil:

See that little sphere in the back? That is heaven. It is puff pastry and cheese (brie maybe?) and carmelized onion. Amazing.

Cheese and salami plate!

Homemade banana bread!

There were a million other delicious things (ie Guacamole that I dominated, buffalo chicken dip, ice cream bon bons…the list goes on!) The pictures above are just what I slowed down enough to take pictures of. After a chipotle burrito for dinner on Wednesday and the over indulgence of last night, had to get back on the wagon today!

Breakfast was my go to parfait:

Now I have a quick recovery run to do, some school stuff to finish (like maybe hang some posters?!), and then a “THIRTY YEARS OLD” fiesta to attend in Cambridge!!!!!


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  1. I’m so sorry about creepy track guy. Ewww.
    I have a creepy swim guy. He wears a little green speedo and has that kind of mustache like Keith’s–and he just glides underwater and looks at people. So icky–but not as icky as a dude following you in his car after your workouts…

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