Scituate 5k Race Report Type Thing. And my weekend.

Ah, racing. Ive missed it. And by “it”, I mean 5k’s only, not 10k’s. 3.1 miles is my favorite race distance. Its just all out, painful the entire way, and over with quick. Its a race you can run on pure adrenaline (and not have to worry about bonking!).

So, Saturday morning we drove down to Scituate, one of the most beautiful towns in Massachusetts. My friend J was doing her first 5k, hoping her shin splints wouldnt disable her on the run. And boy was I happy to have the company on the drive down, and be part of the big deal that is Your First Road Race!!

While driving, I did the typical QT2 Race breakfast, for the first time ever. No problem there! Ran into a couple of friends pre-race and made plans to run with one of them for the race. Did a quick 10 minute warm-up run during which I felt slow and had an expresso flavored Gu (YUCK! Tasted gross, but I welcomed the caffeine since I couldnt have coffee that morning!)

The goal for the race was to go out at 6:50 pace. It was flat, and fast. Finished in 21:00 flat. Not a PR (20:45) BUT, considering how that 10k went a couple of weeks ago, I was happy! Ended up 3rd female overall, and 2nd my age group The best part was seeing Billy and Claire out cheering on the course! They are friends of ours that live out that way and we only see them on vacation in Lake Placid once a year. Awesome boost at Mile 2!!! J also surpassed her goal by oh…8 minutes! With no shin pain! So the race was an overall success!

Clearly I am excited about being done!

After the race we drove home, I finished up my run (had to do another 20 minutes!) and then drove up to NH to watch Timberman on Sunday! The race was fast, and super fun to watch.
I had a 2 hour run on schedule, and was feeling pretty duffed up from the race on Saturday. Thankfully, 2 minutes into my run I literally ran into a friend Shaun who kept me company for the 25 minutes it took for me to run from parking to transition. Then, as luck would have it, Cait had to run as soon as I got to our tent, so I did another 35 minutes with her. Chatting with them made my run fly by. In the end, I only did 45 minutes by myself and then pulled the plug because I could feel a twinge in my hamstring and didnt want to take any chances! Ended up with a total run of 1hr45min and 12.5 (EXACTLY) miles. Would have liked to finish the run, but what can you do?

Last week of summer vacation is officially here. I have 3 massages to give, a classroom to set up, some school meetings, book club, birthday party, UFC fight to watch, and a 41 mile run week. Phew!


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