Workout Post!

While in New Hampshire, I had a track workout on schedule. Thursday morning I woke up and all I wanted to do was anything but run. You know those days? After lounging around on the deck, eating a bagel, and hemming and hawing, I decided. No track workout. And you know what my friends said? YEAH RIGHT! Get in the car! And to the track we went. I did a 20 minute warm up, which ended up being awesome jawsome. Between the cool (65 degree!) weather and running on the track, my Zone 1 was super speedy for me! It was a boost of confidence for me I guess, because I ROCKED the track.

I hit every.single.400! 1:31, 1:31, 1:31 and so on and so forth. Like clockwork! It was pretty great. And I had personal cheerleaders, which was also nice and motivating in itself!!! Good friends are the ones that make you run when you dont want to, because they know it is needed!!

Did an easy run yesterday, and back on the saddle today. Low and behold, finally, my fastest (other than the track!) Zone 1 run to date! I dont want to get too excited though, because I have this tiny little 2 hour and 5 minute run scheduled for tomorrow.

After my run today I went on a crazy furniture arranging binge. Maneuvered everything downstairs…tomorrow I tackle the upstairs!!


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  1. I miss running on the track. I hope I can jump back on there soon. I used to be on The Greater Boston Track Club way back when I used to know how to run. (HA!) and Wednesday nights were track night. You left EVERYTHING there. Sometimes I would DREAD going and hearing what the workout would be but leaving after you’ve NAILED the given workout was very satisfying almost as good as furniture moving or sangria concocting!!!

    oh and btw: You ran a 91 and a 91 and a 91 and so on and so forth.. proper track timing lingo 🙂

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