New Hampshire!

For the past couple of days I have in New Hampshire with…get this: no computer! Crazy, I know. Had a great time hanging out with some friends, cooking and eating some good food, going to the beach, hanging out, playing some arcade games, and watching some meteor showers!!!

Instead of going in order, Im just going to post pictures in the order they are on my computer!!!

First up: The beach! It was a little cool so we parked our chairs on the sand and snacked while enjoying the view!!

The water in this lake is so clear!

Went to an arcade that happened to be the American Classic Arcade Museum. No, really:

I played a serious amount of skeeball, but I also spent a good amount of time with this bad boy:

And, since this is partly a food blog, we also went to a farmers market (which was by far the best farm stand I’ve ever been to) and bought some veggies to make dinner with!


Its summer, so we had to get corn. Besides, it was S’s only request!!

Along with cheeseburgers, summer vegetables (sliced, roasted with oil and spices rolled up in tin foil, on grill) and salad.

Such a good summer dinner!

We also stayed up last night, after dinner, arcading, and ice cream, and laid in the driveway watching the meteor shower. That state is a great place to watch for shooting stars, where we were they was not a streetlight for miles!

This entry is getting a bit long so tomorrow I will post about my run workout up there! For now, its back to home life! Need to get up early tomorrow and do some runnin’ and laundryin’! Going to miss the cool weather and crickets tonight for sure!


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