Family Game Night?!?

So PW’s mom planned a game night for the whole family to go to. His sister and her boyfriend, his younger brother, me and PW and their parents. Unfortunately, PW had to work so I was holding up the central Mass contingency of the fam all by my lonesome.

We started out by eating a fantastic meal outside. This is foreign to me because it is not something we do out here! It was definitely the perfect night for it though!

Check this out, pretty core-friendly! I also had some unpictured salad with Newman’s Own lime salad dressing (it was good!). PS those potatoes were amazing!

We then moved on to a highly competitive game of whiffle ball in the backyard. It was me, my mother-in-law, and PW’s brother, vs his sister, her boyfriend, and his dad.

Here is Dawn, in action, and following through on her swing (haha Nick!)

Scott scored a triple and I was pretty excited about it. I call this picture “I approve of Whiffle Ball”

And, to not keep you in suspense. We won. Well, it was sort of a draw because we had an extra “up”. But in my head, this is the winning team (thats small-dog hair all over my black shirt by the way, poor planning!):

There is a curfew going on down there because of this Triple E thing mosquitos are spreading (hence why we had to cut the ball game short!). LUCKILY, as I was looking forward to these for months, Dawn had an indoor smore maker!!! She brought that thing out and I ate two toasty marshmallowy smores!

Post-s’more time we played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase, which were both hilarious and a ton of fun. Who knew board games could be that awesome?

Family game night was a huge success….now we just need to do one that PW can attend! He’d be pretty killer at Catch Phrase I think. And S’more making 🙂

My sister-in-law also gave me (us) the most amazing present ever but it will have to wait because I need to go get ready for a certain ladies baby shower–I need to leave right now!!


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