First track workout of the year!

After last nights carbo-load, an early wake up call, fixing the pilot light on our gas burners for the first time, and figuring out I had miscalculated and only needed a 75 min run (instead of 90), I was feeling pretty pumped up and ready for a track workout. It called for 3 by a 1 mile. After a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and a bagel I was set!

Yes, I am wearing mis-matched socks.

My instructions from PW were as follows: run to the track, warm-up, run the first mile no faster than 7:07, then run the last 2 as hard as you can, with 3 minutes rest between each one. Then run home (all up hill). The most important part of the instructions? Whatever happens, just make sure to get your heart rate for the last mile. This is because somehow my Garmin messed up during that 10k two weeks ago and didnt record HR!!!

So, I set off with my bag of Strawberry Clif Bloks to the local community college’s track. For some reason, I thought it would be a really nice track? But it was dirt. And on a slant, which at least kept it interesting! There was definite uphills and downhills. And a weird guy who kept talking to me but he’ll come into play later in the recap.

28min warm-up (this was my run to the track and then a mile to evaluate my “flat” zone 1 pace) followed by a Clif Blok. My HR strap kept messing up and I was praying it would just man up and keep it together for the mile repeats then it could unclip and run away for all I cared.

First mile, 7:05. Perfect. I felt a little sluggish, but nothing another mile couldnt fix it. My goal for Mile 2 and Mile 3 were too take 10 seconds off each one, giving me a 6:55 average for the 3 miles.

As I am walking my 3 minute recovery, very overweight creepy man walks over to me (he had been walking the track as I was running, hugging the inside “true distance” of the track, refusing to move over to the outside of the track even a little which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine on tracks.) and says “Youre making me tired just watching you!” “Ha, ha” I say, “Sorry” and then turn and walk the other way. Eat another Clif Blok.

Second mile, 6:55. YES! That was FUN!. I got this! I sprinted the last .25, and kind of want to sit and recover, but Ill walk it off (“put some dirt on it” as my husband would say).

Creepy guy comes over again during my 3 minute walk. “Oh, are you practicing? You run for school dont you!” Well, had he been just a tiny bit less creepy, I would have been extremely flattered. I may have even hugged him. Run for school? I am like 4 million years passed the time of being able to run for a college. Oh and I am doing 6:55 miles which wouldnt even get me on a D3 team BUT! I appreciate the thought. But, again, I was getting weirdo goosebumps being around him so I say “Ha ha, I am way too old for that, just running for fitness!” (I wanted to make a Fergie reference but I dont think he would have got it!

Mile 3, 6:53. Ah, well, I tried. I was really hoping for a 6:45 but my lungs couldnt keep up with my legs. My heart rate topped out at 203 during this mile, but my legs felt really great, effortless even. Wish I had the cardiovascular fitness at this point!

Walk for a little bit, then cut through a grass field to avoid the man who was now just standing next to his car. Start the long, uphill run home. Run down the campus, onto the main rd through town, take a weird right through this area with no houses. Who pulls up next to me beeping and driving really slow? Waving out the window? Yep. You guessed it. I mumbled something profane under my breath, said a quick thank you for the random string of cars that drove by and would be witnesses and then slowed my run to a crawl. Until he was out of sight. Im sure he didnt have any bad intentions, probably just a friendly guy out for his morning walk, but you can never be to careful. I would rather offend someone then end up in a bad situation!

Finally got home, for a total of a 73 minute run, had my special recovery concoction:

And now I am sitting here with my compression socks on (Zoot, FTW!), drinking a water bottle of pink stuff, and watching Thats So Raven. True Story!

My conclusion: the workout was alright. I am happy with it considering it’s the first track work of the year. As everyone has felt before, its just hard to come to terms with being slower than you have in the past. Knowing my previous mile repeat times over the last 3 years, its kind of bummer. But I’ll get there! Speed comes over time, with consistency! And my HR monitor worked for the whole thing, which is a victory in and of itself!!


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