Want to see my soup?

This is that go-to dinner I was telling y’all about:

If you follow the core, the breakdown of this soup is about 35g of protein, 5g of fat (I Foreman the turkey first!), and 45g of carbs. I think I like it so much because 1) its easy. Throw it all in and let it cook. and 2) it reminds me of the Cappelletti I used to eat like it was going out of style when I was a kid! It’s not pretty, but sure is tasty!

So yesterday I had an awesome run. It wasnt fast per se, although it is a recovery week, so its definitely faster than my normal-in-the-middle-of-a-build-week Zone 1 pace. It was just EASY. It was super muggy out, and usually that equals run death for me! However this time I felt like I could keep running forever.

And boy was that a sweet feeling, after the runs Ive been having lately!

I think the greatness was due to these two things:

I dont normally run with water. If I am doing my long run, Ill either suck it up or make it two loops so I can swing by our driveway and get a drink. Yesterday, I filled up this Fuel Belt bottle, thats supposed to go in a belt, with ice cold water and brought it with me. Wow, why have I never done this before?!

The Clif Bloks are a whole ‘nother post I think. See, I used to never eat while running. In fact, I wouldnt eat before, during, or after a run because I thought that was how I was going to lose weight–WRONG! I may have lost weight but it was muscle. Which is something I couldnt afford to lose! PW showed me the error of my ways. It took a long (long, long) time to convince me to eat while running. Now, I eat something like an english muffin if my run is going to be 45min or longer (a banana if shorter). I eat a Clif Blok ever 10 minutes for runs an hour or longer. And I ALWAYS eat after my run. Often times I have Endurox for recovery, and then I also try to eat something solid!

These things have seriously changed how I run. It is not often I bonk (except that one time it was too hot and I laid in some guys yard. Or the 10k when I didnt bring any nutrition at all!) anymore, thank goodness.

On another note, J and I went to trivia last night, a new place. And we were SHAMED! It was the hardest trivia…ever. I have no idea where these questions were from but Holy Cow! I feel the need to spend the entire week on Sporcle to prepare myself for next week!

Lastly…any of you blog readers on FourSquare? I just downloaded the App and I kind of love it!


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  1. I LOVE Shot Bloks. I eat them as snacks sometimes. They’re good right after work before you go to the gym/run. Cause you need that sugar rush and they taste like candy, and they’re full of electrolytes and all that good stuff!

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