Carbohydrate-City Dinner!

Friday night is cheat night in this house. This is because gigantic workouts usually happen on Saturdays. Tomorrow, PW has a 6 hour ride followed by a 50min run–starting at 6:30am. I have a 90min run with a track workout smack in the middle (insert frowny face here!!). We used to eat our weight in pizzas on cheat night, but now that we are 9 and 10 weeks out, respectively, from our big races, we are “dialing it in” (Guru term!)

That means that tonight cheat meal was carbs, carbs, carbs. Baked chicken parmigiana , whole wheat pasta with sauteed garlic and onion sauce, and the greatest garlic breadsticks of all time. Have I mentioned how much I love cooking? Because I do. Because I also made us breakfast for lunch just to be in the kitchen.


It was as good as it looks. Really.


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