Favorite breakfast??

My new go-to breakfast, as farm-fresh blueberries are slowly fading out, is vanilla greek yogurt with frozen blueberries. They have so much more flavor than the non-frozen, shipped for thousands of miles, grocery store variety. By the time I spoon the yogurt over them, they have de-thawed enough to eat. Almost feels gourmet (like, for instance, if you layer said ingredients in a wine glass parfait style, as opposed to throwing it all in a mug like I normally do.)

Next: one picture of my eats today. I had a 15 minute recovery run (read: jog with a soft j (ANCHORMAN ANYONE?!?!?)), and an hour bike. I didnt need anything crazy before my workouts, but I needed something. So this is what I went for:

(Picture taken with my iPhone camera, not bad right?!)

In addition to above mixture, I also had a random concoction of 7 pretzels, a square of dark chocolate, and 2 bites of PW’s chicken/pesto/romano sausage. And I had a pretty awesome bike ride.

I have kind of a crazy weekend coming up, involving “Family Game Night” in B-water on Saturday night, and Chrissie’s baby shower Sunday afternoon. In order to squish in my recovery week long run, I have moved it to bright and early tomorrow AM. To accomplish that? Well, I need to break my 12 hours of sleep a night habit first of all. And second, I need to go to bed immediately following the new Top Chef episode.

…So I need to go get on that!


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