I am still around!

And I think I am fighting off some kind of cold. A lot of sleeping has been going on in this household. Thankfully, it is a recovery week. After a split 125 minute run on Sunday, I needed some rest, and this week came at a good time! As it is, we are 10 weeks out from the race. I feel so unprepared! Ah, well. Have trust in the plan right?? Track workouts start next week!

In other news, I have FINALLY broken through the weight plateau I have been at for the past 5 months. No matter how little or lot I ate, how much or little I drank, no matter if it was a build week or a recovery week, my weight stayed the same. When we got back from Lake Placid, I had lost 3 pounds (must have been walking up that Starbucks hill over and over again!), and have comfortably settled 4 pounds below that original weight now, with a 3% drop in body fat, finally (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Now if that weight loss would show in my Zone 1 pace all would be right in my world!

And do not fear, just because I took a sleep ridden blogging hiatus does not mean I havent been doing a lot of cooking and eating. Yesterday, I came up with my new favorite dinner. Chicken brothe, onion, carrots, one small red potato, and a ton of ground turkey boiled into a soup. It tastes kind of like a shepard’s pie stew. Delicious and super filling. Today I made oatmeal peanut butter cookies from a recipe I made up as I went along…with NO BUTTER (thats right, we have become a non-butter house. In terms of me, that also make me non-bagel which is sad but necessary). They are tasty and made with Naturally More PB!

Tomorrow, I will return. With pictures. Whenever I take time off from blogging, it is so hard to write the first entry back. How do you condense an entire week into one entry? Thankfully, since I stepped up and got back to it, we can return to regularly scheduled blogging.

Off to do our bi-weekly core workout!


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  1. Man alive… Pat is one lucky dude with all that good cooking goin on there. I think I wanna make that soup.

    Sadly I’m struggling with *non optimal body mass* I account it for my plethora of injuries and the extended time I was forced to take off combined with a slow build up to my fitness, my age (damn it) and a couple of other things all in combination. I can TOTALLY feel this when I run. It makes a HUGE difference carrying some extra weigh even 5-6 pounds. Are you going to Gloucester on Sunday? I am not racing. I’ll show you my belly fat. Ha ha….

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