Run With the Wolves 10k Race Report

To start this “race report” you need to know two things: 1) Prior to this, I hadnt done a running race in 2 years. 2) This race ended really, really badly.

I decided to do this race on Monday while we were in Lake Placid. The race was on that Wednesday Sure, it was a build week (next week is a recovery week!). I hadnt done a 5k in 2 years, or a 10k in 4 years, but no big deal, how bad could it be? It was on a bike path for goodness sakes! Unfortunately for me, the race started out downhill for the first 3.1 miles, then you turned around and ran uphill for the entire second 3.1.

Coach (and husband) told me to go out no faster than 6:50 for the first mile. I was to average 7:05’s. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Not like…8’s?”. Foolish me decided that despite me only having 1.5 weeks of speedwork under my belt, come hell or high water, I was going to hit those numbers!

Mile 1: 7:06. Ok perfect. I feel good. Everyones speeding past me but whatever, Ill catch ’em on the way back when the explode (little did I know!). My dad ran with me to prevent me from sprinting out of the gate at 6:30 pace.

Mile 2: 7:28. Getting too chatty I guess. Tried to pick it up at the end of Mile 2, really wanted to hit 7:05 for this one. Desperately thirsty. Man with a baby stroller goes sprinting by me, nonchalantly asking me how its going. I am beginning to breathe heavily. Drink 1 sip of water.

Mile 3: 8:07. This is getting ugly. Maybe I should have eaten more? Did I already use up all the carbs from the gel I had 15 minutes before the race? Why do I feel like Im going uphill? It looks downhill. Why are they handing out UNOPENED BOTTLES of water here? PW is yelling things I cant focus on because I am so hungry I am pretty sure my muscles are consuming my thought processes and actual brain.

Mile 4: 8:24. CRAP! Throw water on myself, overheating. It must be 95 degrees right now. OMG, I just threw water down my back and my shorts are stuck to me in the most uncomfortable and unflattering way ever. At this point, theres probably only walkers behind me anyways, and they are not looking at my butt.

Mile 5: 8:48. Should I just quit? My father is chatting to me as I am saying “Cant. Speak. Heart. Exploding” I look down and see pace and yell WTF!!!!! This is slower than my Zone 1 pace. Convince myself not to quit. Because if I quit I still have to get home somehow. And Ill have to make up the run volume tomorrow. Then tell myself if I finish I can quit running forever.

Mile 6: 8:57. This is getting embarrassing. Im weaving all over the path. My father is asking me what the heck is wrong with me, because I cant keep up as he is TROTTING next to me. Debate asking him to pull me for the next mile. Then debate the benefits of puking at that very second. I am so hungry I am cursing the lack of water stations out loud. For no apparent reason, because its not like they stocked food.

Last .2: 9:50. There was a hill at the very end, on the way out it was a bump in the rode. On the way in, I was pretty sure I was somehow climbing Mt. Everest in the middle of Marlborough. Knew my HR was way over 200 this point and just kept telling myself that Chrissie said I would pass out before I had a heart attack. So if I am still conscious I am good.

Crossed the finish line in 51:41 with an 8:13 average.

Lesson learned. No, not the “10k distance sucks” lesson but the “bring food and do some speed work sometime, slick” lesson.

I bonked SO HARD. This is epic tale of exploding during a race. Im supposed to run a marathon in 11 weeks? Eep! However, stay tuned, because to teach myself a lesson (okay, really just to prove to myself I dont suck really bad), I am doing a 5k next weekend at the end of my recovery week.

So anyways, I was immediately back on the saddle. I have a 125 minute split run to complete tomorrow. And I will eat a lot and it will most likely end up being faster than my 10k pace. Whatever!

We left immediately post race. Today in the mail I got an award. They mailed it to me (Ive never had a running race do that before?!). I appreciated it but do not like the reminder of how awful I felt. It took me 3 days just to write a race report because I didnt want to relive it!


10 responses

  1. Hey, you got “hardware”!

    Enjoy it… Use it… put it on the shelf or somewhere close to eye-shot and use that sucker as added motivation for the next 2.5 months!

    You’ll be fine – I’ve heard that Coach PW-guy you mentioned knows his sh*t !

    • Thats exactly my plan! Everytime I feel like not running, Im going to look at that medal and remember how horrible I felt!

      Trust the plan, theres no magic, and assorted other QT2 mottos apply to this!

  2. Oh no… I totally know that painful death feeling! Sorry it sucked so bad. I actually can’t stand 10Ks…. too long for a fast pace.. but you’re still supposed to keep a fast pace!

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