Oh, Ironman!

The race of the year was yesterday. It was an awesome day for QT2 and for most people out there!!! It was a great year to cheer–we knew a lot of people out there working their bums off!

The night before the race we headed to the Brewery for dinner and drinks again…and ran into this:

Its a man, on a unicycle, juggling knives. In Lake Placid. The night before the race.

Race day was also filled with hilarity, as our friends Paul and Ryan dressed up in festive speedos and shook pom-poms at the racers.

The guru was in full effect out there on the course. Here he is with Mr. Snow (Tim’s dad) comparing notes:

And a view of the lake, post-swim:

It was a GREAT day overall! Lots of PRs, lots of Kona qualifyin’ (going to be a great party in Hawaii this year!), including Tim getting his first pro podium (5th place), Cait was 2nd overall, and Tim Tapply was 3rd amateur overall. We have many fast and hardcore friends!

The rest of the day includes watching the rolldown, going to awards, doing some post race massages, a little run, and a little bike. And watching the weekly Lake Placid triathlon at 6pm!!


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