Busy Days!

A couple of busy days here in Lake Placid! For some reason I forgot how busy it would be with all the massagin’! Its been non-stop, I am looking forward to today. My only agenda is the team breakfast at 8 (pictures to come this afternoon!), a long run, and some SHOPPING! Haven’t even gotten to hit up the Gap Outlet yet (unheard of!). I have gotten all my running and biking in though, and am definitely feeling it. We are trying to squish all our workouts into Mon-Sat this week so we can have Sunday off to do nothing but CHEER!

Have a couple pictures for you from the last couple days…

Every morning, Ive been starting out with one of these:

Grande non-fat skinny caramel macchiato please! (I cant believe I am one of those people now, the ones with the 15 word coffee request. Only for this week!)

Ive been pretty spot on with the diet all-week, I can tell Ive been leaning up from being diligent alone. However, Ive been allowing myself one treat at dinner every night IF I am exactly on target all day. Heres one of said (delicious) treats. Pretzel nuggets from the lake Placid Brewery (we had never been until this year!)

Though I did not partake in these, the picture looked too delicious not to post. Jim made these on Thursday morning!

Even if I wasnt working out at all this week, Id be getting some exercise in the form of walking up the hill to our house. It is this crazy 8-10% incline climb, its so bad I used it for my hillbounding on Wednesday. I had to do TWO pictures because its that long!

And finally, a view of Mirror Lake and a view of the QT2 Q&A post swim!

Now I am off to the team breakfast! Should be a good one, a lot of people are going, and the food is notoriously good! Check back before for the next installment!


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