I am in Lake Placid. The land of many caramel macchiatos and blog updates. You know why? I have no other obligations!!

Yesterday, we awoke bright and early and I headed an hour south to drop off the dogs at the in-laws and drive back to our house (sound familiar? Eerily similar to last week!) We then packed up the car and drove the 5 hours to LAKE PLACID! I cannot complain about that drive at all, because it is a labor of love!

Our view, pretty much the entire way up:

We arrived, I did a jig, and immediately changed and started my run (at 4pm!). A quick 55 minutes with 2 by 7:30 at Z2 and I was back at the house! Showered, did a massage, and went to dinner with (that was for you Andy!).

Our view from dinner:

Can’t beat that!!

Today I woke up with the sun because I have been looking forward to a ‘Bucks coffee for a WEEK! Hobbled down the severe incline hill next to our house and got my long awaited grande non-fat caramerl macchiato and REJOICED!

Post expresso, I banged out another run around Mirror Lake (ps I refuse to run on Main St so I just do 20min back and forth on back half of lake!) and was done by 8:30am! I will post pictures later of the views here (spectacular) as well as FOOD! Oh and downtown, because it’s so adorable. But for now, here is a picture of my view right now as I update my blog:

(Hi Jay and Ghelf!) Everyone else in the house is meandering about getting ready for their ride, or in my husbands case, finishing his THREE LOOP SWIM (hes doing his monster set in the Lake–6200 yards!). I am going to ride the trainer in a little bit–need to keep it recovery because I have hill bounding tomorrow morning (dun dun dun…cue ominous music).

Get ready for a serious amount of blog entries this week my friends…another one coming at you this afternoon!


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