Core-Friendly Dinner for 11? No problem!

Why does dinner taste so delicious when someone else makes it for you?

George and Rosie, who are awesome, took on the endeavor of making dinner for all the people in the house tonight. With the core-friendly requirement. They hit it out of the ballpark! While they did this, this is what the dining room table looked like:

(I swear they wouldnt let us help!)

Note, we are all lap-topping!

A couple action shots of the building of what would end up being an EPIC (I dont use this term lightly) salad:

As I recovered from my workouts today with one of these:

It was everything I dreamed it would be!

Sat down to dinner with a salad made of all local farm grown veggies with blueberries and strawberries too:

It was so good…that 2 salads were needed! Come on, it was 11 athletes eating!

Side note: Rosie drank a duck glass of white wine while she was cooking, how cute is she? And how cute and wine appropriate is that glass?!?

The rest of dinner (chicken in a sundried tomato marinade, tons of different veggies)

And check out Pams dinner, she wanted me to take a picture of it because her dinner was a little more photogenic!

Our house at dinner (missing Billy, Tracy, Claire, Jesse, and Chrissie though–they are on their ways up now!)

The core is so easy to follow when someone is making delicious and nutritious meals for me to eat (and salads with all those different, healthy colors! Great dinner, great company, great place.

I know I say it all the time but: I love Lake Placid!

Up early tomorrow for some hill bounding…look for me out there, Ill be in a bright orangey shirt!


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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh… I love it when I find a fresh new fun blog to read! I’ll be checking out all your recipes. Yay! Enjoy LP and your vacation. This summer is rockin’ with the weather, eh?

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