Quick run-down of my day:

Woke up and had my default breakfast this morning: vanilla greek yogurt atop sliced strawberries. And then headed out on a 34 minute run. It appears Chloe also enjoys Greek Yogurt:

Post-run, snacked on some watermelon! Love, love, love watermelon. My mom gave us an entire HALF of one, so I dont know if I can even eat it fast enough!

Made PWs lunch for work, ate my weight in cucumbers:

And then headed out for a few errands. Which was meant to be hitting up GNC for some Glutamine powder and stopping at the ‘Bucks. I got sidetracked by the DSW in the mall next to GNC though!!!

Cute right? I used to hate Gladiator sandals but I am starting to dig them. Anyway, finally got to Starbucks and put this Venti Iced Green Tea to shame:

And now? Now I ride my bike. My long run is tomorrow, and I need to be up at 6 to run before it gets too hot, which these days means anything over 85 degrees for me! So I need to bang out this bike ride so that I can get to bed early!!!

Countdown to Lake Placid: 3 sleeps!!

I would just like to clarify, I know my day today seems extra leisurely, but I did all my chores/errands yesterday so today could be a hang out day! I went to the bank, target, grocery store, did 5 loads of laundry, mowed the lawn and made TWO nice dinners. Don’t want y’all to think Im wasting my summer vacation by sitting around all day 😉

PS if you look at the pictures above, one picture was meant to include Chloe, but she also photobombed 2 other ones!!!


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