Lunch+Math/Hawaii Pictures

A seemingly random title, I know, but it will all become clear in a moment!

I woke up bright and early this morning due to our littlest dogs littlest bladder! After a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and an english muffin, I embarked on a hill bounding run. I looked forward to this run all week. I remembered how much I loved hill bounding when training for Ragnar last year. Clearly, I was remembering probably my very last set of bounding before the race, when I was lean and fit and fast. Today I did not have that luxury of feeling speedy. I felt like an elephant skiing uphill. SIGH. Well, only 6 more weeks of them, right?

Luckily, I was able to return home and get excited for a lunch date I had today. To do MATH. At PANERA. Two of my favorite things! I met up with my cousin Nina at the local one to help refresh her Algebra memory for an upcoming test. Oh, and to eat some soup and salad.

Clearly I was starving post-workout. I got the you-pick-two with chicken soup, half of a cobb salad (no egg, dressing on the side!) and a lemonade. It was reallllly good.

Clearly, Nina approves of her soup too!

Nothing else too exciting happened today. I read an entire book. Ahh, summer vacation. I found this new author I really like Tess Gerritson. I have read about 5 of her books in the last 2 weeks. I am trying to pace myself because even though I download them on my Kindle, they are still $6-$8 each, and its an expensive daily habit!

And because I have nothing else to write about today, here are a couple pictures from our Hawaiian wedding/honeymoon/racecation last year. I picked these because they are the ones I still can’t believe I saw with my own eyes. They look like postcards! That whole vacation feels like a dream. My mother-in-law and I often talk about how we can’t believe it really happened!

Well, only 3 more months until we go back 🙂 Oh, and there’s always that little Lake Placid rendezvous we have planned coming up. You know, my favorite vacation spot of all time. I am so excited for the upcoming trip that I literally can’t even think about it!!


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