So, like I said this afternoon, Ive had an irresistible craving for Chipotle for over a week now. But I just couldnt give in! So I attempted to recreate my own version, in hopes it would quiet my stomach.

Diced up some chicken breasts:

Cooked them with some fajita seasoning and a whole sliced onion:

Cooked up the other half of standard fajita vegetables in a separate pan (I hate red peppers, what can I say?!) and wilted some spinach along with it, for PWs filling!

My favorite part, the toppings.

Wait! Is that? It looks like….

YUP! Chobani! I really do eat this a lot don’t I? It is a perfect non-fat, high protein sour cream replacement! And I feel very strongly that sour cream is a necessary burrito staple!

Piled high!

A closer look? The only thing I am missing is black beans!

It looked so pretty before I folded that sucker up. Now its just a boring old exploding burrito:

PS We used Joseph’s Lavash Bread for our wraps!

They were, of course, delicious!!


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