A lunch, a purchase, some grocery shopping.

Finally started speedwork on my runs! Yesterday was 2x5min Zone 2. Harder then I thought it would be after almost 3 months of going easy! When I got home I was famished and quickly threw together lunch.

Turkey, spinach, and tomato (my standard go to sandwich!)

With a side of a thoroughly ripe peach:

The most exciting news of the week thus far though?? My new phone FINALLY arrived, 2 weeks after I ordered it:

I am so in love with it! Now, remember I had the 3G (not the 3GS) before, so anything is newfangled and awesome to me. Ive been taking videos like its going out of style! It feels slimmer and lighter than my previous one. AND I have had none of the problems Ive been reading about?? Maybe Im just lucky or too technologically un-savvy to do anything that would bring those problems upon me!!

After doing a massage this morning, I headed to the only grocery store around that carries Naturally More, our peanut butter of choice. While there, I decided to stock up on ingredients to make burritos too. Ive been craving Chipotle pretty much daily, but with the ridiculous amount of Carbs and Fat in a burrito from there, I just cant do it all the time! Heres an example, whenever I go to Chipotle this is what I order:

Chicken Burrito
No Rice
Black Beans
Mild Salsa
Tiny bit of medium salsa
Tiny bit of Sour cream

Looks pretty darn healthy right? I even leave out the rice to cut down on unnecessary (white) carbs!

But the nutritional layout? 760 calories, 27g of fat, 77g of carbs, and 50g of protein. HOLY MOLY! Thats an insanely large lunch for someone of my weight and body fat composition!!

Anyway, now that Ive dissected Chipotle and why it can only be a cheat from here on out, heres what I picked up at the grocery store for a grand total of $36.04. Note the lack of fresh produce other than the onion, its because I just went to the store Monday and stocked up!

On my agenda for the rest of the day? I have a 15 minute recovery run (gotta love that!) and an hour bike, oh and some serious reading to do! Its a rainy day (finally) and I am taking advantage of it!

Will post dinner recipe tonight…well, after dinner!


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