Sunday in Geneva!

Sunday morning we woke up at 4:30 so a certain someone could start eating a certain breakfast. Arrived at the race site, which was 5 minutes from the home stay, at 5:15. Said my usual “I love you, be careful, do good, there’s no magic” (shout out to JK in my farewell, every.single.race!) and left him to do his thing.

I watched the start of the swim, and then went to go get ready for my run/ride of the day. Snapped a quick pic of the swim start, it was SHALLOW! Look at how far out the swimmers are and they are only waist deep!

Changed up, ate a bagel, then hustled over to watch PW go out on the bike–in 3rd place!

In case you were wondering, that is mile .01 of the bike…you can see the edge of the volunteer there, directing them off the carpet covered grass and onto the road (ie highway!!!)

Insert my 90 minute run here. It was very scenic, a beautiful (albeit smelly) park. Right along one of the famous Finger Lakes (Seneca if you wanted to know!). Run was uneventful, other than the fact I tried out the new Tropical Punch Clif Bloks and fell in love!!!

I brought my bike along so I could ride along the run course. Bad idea! This race has the hardest run course I have ever seen. And I have seen several hundred triathlons in my life (>600!). There were multiple straight up monster climbs. I only got a picture of one (this is only half of it, the first half is before you turn the corner to clim the grass!). Look at how dejected these athletes appear. I walked my little bicycle up this one:

There was another one I dont even want to talk about because I am pretty sure it was a gravel/loose first pathway straight UP to hell!. It was that bad. I might have cried, walking up it with my bike again. There was no shade. No people. Just solitary misery.

I saw PW at mile 1 and then spent the next 9 miles HAMMERING on my bike trying to stay ahead of him! I stopped at mile 10 to take pictures and cheer for him, and them again at mile 12 (the scenic lake picture below is from mile 12!).

If I hadnt had to walk that entire gravel road (3/4 a mile?!), I might have been able to take a breath. I got in a pretty good Max HR workout though, thats for sure. In flip flops. And khaki shorts. While wearing a backpack!

Oh right, back to the main character of my above story. So my awesome husband ended up passing a guy in the last 1/2 mile of the race for a solid 10th place finish out of 1,000 athletes!

Hung out with some QT2 peeps post-race (Rick, Mary, PW):

The race director was great, our home stay was super nice, and everyone involved with the race was really friendly. Other than that deadly run course, Musselman a great race (and hey, if you like mountain climbing, the run might also be a positive aspect for you!)

Drove the 6 hours home, fell into bed, woke up early and went to pick up our dogs from the in-laws! Nothing like another 2 hours in the car 🙂 Total vehicle time for the weekend? 17 hours. And several hundred miles. I dont even know the exact amount! 800 maybe?

Now, I have lazy (but still core-friendly) Crock-pot chili cooking, because I cam really craving something home-cooked!!!

Back to the grind tomorrow, aka TRIVIA!!

And hey, in case you didn’t know, my husband has a new website (BLOG!) with stuff about his racing and training. It is Look for a Musselman race report from HIS aspect (aka the interesting aspect) soon!


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  1. WOW. That grass hill looks BEASTLY. (I despise grass when running, and running uphill on grass is just a horrifying thought.)
    Congrats to Pat and to you for your feat of staying ahead of him while biking in flips flops etc! haha!

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