Obligatory Musselman Breakfast Post!

This morning we woke up bright and early and set out on the rode to Sweet Sue’s Country Diner at 6:45am. They were rumored to have the biggest pancakes around. And they weren’t lying…

Thats one serious blueberry pancake!!!

Here is PW with all of his eatings (its a gross amount I know)

I looked intently at the menu and ordered the “Half”. I wasnt super hungry so I figured a half-order of everything would be perfect. Except this was the half order:

REALLY?! I didnt even make a dent! I ate maybe 1/4 of that (and thats pushing it) and was full until just now. Thats 8 hours worth of fullness! But it was delicious 🙂 In fact, I wasnt really hungry come 3pm, but I felt it necessary to eat a bagel since I am heading out for a run in a little bit and dont want to bonk as a stranger in a strange land!

Post breakfast we headed to the race site to watch the Sprint triathlon, PW knew a kid doing it (from meeting him at a training camp!). He did it in a speed, a la old school Tim Snow! This guy, Kevin Crossman, ended up crossing the line first:

One of the famous Finger Lake, where all the races are taking place (beautiful right?!)

And me, representing the Baby Blue on the beach!

Rumor has it all the prizes tomorrow are wines from the surrounding Finger Lakes Wineries…come on PW!

Now off to try out my new Garmin, very exciting. Will post tonight with dinner, today will be a post of all my eats since it was an easy one!


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