Dinner and tour of the dining room at our Home Stay!

Let me start out by saying my run this afternoon with the new piece of technology was aweeeeesome! However, that run did not bring my appetite back! So when we headed out for an early dinner (to beat the other 1000 athletes competing, so we could go to bed early!), I knew I was in trouble.

We went to a local hole in the wall that ended up being pretty tasty! We let Ethan and John pick the place again, because really, who would know better? Our only requirement was the availability of spaghetti!

I went with a cup of chicken noodle (PS the weather was beautiful and breezy by dinnertime here) and a piece (or 2…or 3) of garlic bread. PWs had the usual!

The other half of our dinner party split a pepperoni pizza that I didnt take a picture of because it looked too good, you know?

Post-dinner, I sat on the porch to read my book and DIGEST (still so so so full!), and had some company:

I took a couple pictures of some of the artwork in the dining room here to show you. Check out the table, first of all:

And some of the artwork John’s made decorating the room:

I will try to post some pictures of some of their collections tomorrow! The race tomorrow is followed by a homestay brunch with a ton of guests. With things like brioche, frittata, french toast…4 pounds of bacon. Sounds like a party to me!


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